Tucuna Cabana

Amazon Jungle Tours

tucuna cabanaVisit the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil with Samba Travels. We have adventurous Amazon jungle tours for travellers of all ages and interests. We have tours ranging from two to four or more days. Your tour leader will be a bilingual guide, who is familiar with all aspects of the tour. He will be accompanied by a native guide who is a local person from the area. We also employ local people as cooks, boatmen and caretakers who will be happy to meet you.





tucuna cabanaOur jungle lodge is reached by a journey which is part of the experience – you will travel by car, speed boat, and canoe to reach the lodge set along the Rio Preto da Eva River. After passing through Manaus, we will begin the tour with a speed boat across the Negro and Solimões rivers, where they join to form the Amazon. We’ll stop at the Meeting of the Waters – the junctions of these two mighty rivers, and search for the pink river dolphins that are often seen here.





tucuna cabanaBy the lodge, the visitors can also experience night spear fishing and see for themselves how your Caboclo guide can hunt for fish under the roots of the trees in the flooded land or lakes using a flashlight. At night your guide will also use a flashlight to find an alligator, which he will attempt to capture so that you can have a close-up view of this ancient creature. The content of the tours may vary depending on the time of year, the length of the tour, and the interests of the guests. Included in the listed prices are transportation from Manaus to the site, all food, and activities as well as the guide.

caimbe lakeWe offer daily Amazon jungle tour to our lodge which is located by the Rio Preto da Eva. All packages include a bilingual guide, transfer from the airport to the hotel in downtown Manaus, accommodation in a cabana with bed and air-conditioner, indoor bathroom, and hammock is also available. Also included in the packages are the meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), the activities (jungle hiking, visit to the Caboclos, alligator spotting, Piranha fishing, visit to waterfalls in the jungle, Meeting of the Waters, and trips to Caimbe lake to see thousands of birds and other kind of wildlife). Trip to Caimbe lake is restricted to a specific season of the year. Please take a look at the daily tour available which range from two to four days or more.