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Please feel free to browse through the tour packages, pictures and all the information we have available. If there is anything in particular that you would like to know regarding any of the tours we have posted or perhaps other information, please contact us directly. Also, we appreciate any suggestions for possible additions to our web site. We are always trying to improve our service for those to want to visit Brazil, in particular the Amazon.

Company Profile

Who We Are

Samba Travels, based in Manaus (Brazil) and Winnipeg ( Canada) is proud to work with a group of experienced Amazonian guides in Brazil, providing services and tours to customers from around the world. Samba Travels was founded by Ailton Ferraz Vieira, a tour guide with many years of experience in the Amazonian jungle. Ailton realized that many people wishing to visit the Brazilian Amazon wanted a custom-designed tour, and there was a need for an English-based service that could arrange tours and provide fast and reliable answers to the many questions posed by travelers considering a trip to this remote location.

Tours all begin in Manaus, gateway to the Brazilian Amazon, and may include sites on the Amazon and Negro rivers, as well as many of the small lakes and rivers that adjoin these mighty rivers. Tours are arranged to include all transportation, accommodation, food and services, and prices are all-inclusive. Over the years, we have gained many satisfied customers from North America and Europe. Lately Samba Travels is working directly with Tucuna Cabana, a comfortable, safe and clean lodge located at lower Rio Preto da Eva offering a whole range of tour to different parts of the Amazon.

Excursions and Accommodations

We provide services to customers interested in canoeing, fishing, jungle hiking, alligator spotting, overnighting in the jungle, visiting the local river dwellers “Caboclos”, Caimbe lake, or journeying to native villages along the Negro River; the contents of each tour package are customized for the visitor prior to arrival. Options are also available for those who wish to lounge at the lodge, and experience the beauty and tranquillity of the jungle. Each activity is provided with special dedication by experienced bilingual guides with years of experience in the Amazon rain forest.

Tours are available all year and in any season, though some tours are restricted to a specific season. We cater to individuals, families, groups, seniors, students and individuals on wheelchair. Accommodation is provided according to the visitor’s preference, and ranges from hammocks in the jungle, to jungle lodges with beds, air-conditioner and indoor bathrooms. Samba Travels can also arrange for accommodation in Manaus.